Ballyroe Heights Hotel

2001, Tralee, Kerry

We were commissioned to design a replacement for the hotel’s single storey bar and function room. The hotel is an important institution in this rural area, used for weddings, funerals and other ceremonial events.

Set on a hill overlooking Tralee Bay, the views were to be prioritised and ancillary functions kept out of sight to the rear.

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The entrance lobby connects the existing bedrooms to the new public annexe. A semi-circular bar includes dining booths, each with a door to the terrace outside. A small meeting room is tucked in behind. The ballroom is designed to have a spatial grandeur: curved steel trusses span the space, which has a perforated ceiling for a good acoustic environment. The room is lined with ribbed timber panelling and shutters, which open to reveal French doors to a garden cut into the hillside. The hotel restaurant sits on top of the bar: a continuous terrace makes the most of the panoramic views. The built-in furniture and much of the loose furniture was designed by CCN and made by local craftsmen. Carpets were bespoke designs.