Bantry Port: RIAI Urban Review

2018, Cork, Ireland

The RIAI were commissioned by Bantry Port Authority to undertake an urban design review. With Paul Dillon and A2 Architects, we prepared a development strategy and design review, for the Port of Cork lands and facilities in Bantry. The aim was to consolidate existing walking routes and to enhance the access to the waterfront.

We proposed that the study should include not only the whole town, but the hinterland of the town spreading form the fort to the north east, to the unused air strip to the west, taking in Bantry House and gardens. We sought to re-establish the relationship between the town and harbour by constructing the building line along the north quays. A new canal dug along the canter of the existing square fed by existing underground rivers in the town reinforced the relationship of the town to the maritime. A detailed study proposed an arcaded edge to the north quay, with boat chandlery and other mooring function on the quay side, with duplex residential units above commanding a south facing aspect over the square.