Memorial Chapel Glasnevin

2016, Dublin, Ireland

St Paul’s Cemetery has a particular urban context, an island site defined by railway tracks and the Royal Canal. The raison d’etre of the project is the making of a processional route that acknowledges the 1916 monument, brings people to the Centenary Chapel for ceremonies

and out to the cemetery. The chapel is a permanent point of reference for personal and collective memory of the dead. It is important that the building has a civic scale and fulfils its mandate as an iconic landmark while realising a serene interior that is an appropriate space for all denominations.

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A clear landscape strategy responds to the characteristics of the existing cemetery and grounds and aims to integrate the proposed building form and the existing monument to create a new urban ensemble. The proposal adapts and reinforces the existing circulation pattern around the cemetery. The building itself is seen as an integral element of the landscape; it is itself both an object in the landscape, an element in the processional sequence and finally a means by which the landscape and city context can be observed.