New Town Perry

2014, Dublin, Ireland

This was a response to a call for proposals to enrich this historic quarter of Limerick City. The Georgian Mews was the servant building of the main house linked by a garden.

The house and mews acted as a single urban entity allowing for a front door and back door arrangement. Overtime this clear organization has diminished and decayed, house no longer used as dwellings and mews no longer linked to these houses.

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Our proposal is to reinstate the mews as a service building that provides the infrastructure to enable the houses to be restored to their original state, and their original use. The mews lane is developed as a modern efficient building type that provides all the services and facilities required for inner city living. Such facilities would include in site parking convenience stores dry cleaners post office kindergarten cafes and bars.
The mews would also serve the original house directly in many ways. Firstly universal access would be provided across the site to the ground floor and lower ground floor. Secondly services such as heating power and ventilation would be supplied and controlled from plant installed in the mews buildings. The mews building could also house activities and elements not easily accommodated in the house: Storage print room canteens comms rooms showers and changing room.
Above ground floor communal and commercial uses two story residential units are provided with generous outdoor terraces provied on both levels. The ground floor and lower ground floor could be uses as efficiently servide commercial uses. The remainder of the space on the upper floors would revert to residential use. Tight return block would be added to the rear of the houses providing modern facilities such as bathroom laundries and utility rooms.
The proposal seeks to revitalise the grid of Perry New Town by encouraging people toi return to live in the centre therefore restoring the original function to the quarter. The key to this restoration is the reconstruction of the mews lane as an efficient engine providing all those services and facilities required for modern living.