Watersedge Phase One

2004, Midleton, Ireland

Phase One of the masterplan was completed in 2004 and should be read in context of the masterplan as it is the first move in the urban sequence. The building is planned in two blocks, with a connecting hinge. The offset geometry allows a small public space in front of the ground floor restaurant. The longer block defines the avenue to the river and includes shops, offices and apartments. The apartments are planned off an external colonnade, looking west. Layouts are tightly planned to maximize open living space.

As is usual in this type of development, the budget restricted the palette of materials available. Instead the play of solid and void is exploited with red balconies punctuating the rendered panels. The timber staircase provides the hinge and marks the start of the public passage through to parking behind. The rear elevation is highly articulated, with the colonnade above. Coloured banded brickwork provides a robust base and screens service yards and delivery gates.
There is a communal roof garden that offers shared open space for residents and workers.